CrossFire is :

Born on November 9th 1989, Allison Mareek is a French singer-songwriter born and raised in Paris, France. In 2005, she left to spend four years in Israël, soaking in the different culture and growing her hunger for music. After coming back to Paris in 2009 she started working on a solo career with her own compositions as well as famous "Sound Of Silence" cover for french movie "L'Emprise". She then focused on more "folk" sounds, creating CrossFire with Etienne who went from being her guitarist to the essential better-half of the duo. ----------------------------------------------------- Etienne Prieuret was born on May 3rd 1987 in Normandy and raised in the South of France. At the age of 11, he fell in love with the sound of a guitar playing to one of his father's records, and decided there and then he would become a musician. After touring with different artists all around Europe and the U.S.A (Black Cat Bones, Mani, Larry Crockett, Keith B. Brown, etc.) his path crossed Allison's during a late night jam session where, after listening to her songs, he agreed to becoming her guitarist. Later on that year, they decided to merge their songwriting talents in a band of their own.
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“The Things We Shouldn’t Say”



I may be wrong I know 

When I feel, like letting go

But those words we share 

They won’t get us, anywhere

Another hour spent 

Between tears and regret

Another way to live

When your heart has so much more to give

Now I feel like a wandering child, lost away

And you know it’s just the things 

We shouldn’t say

You find it hard to go

When it seems there’s more than you know 

Why don’t try and stay

Day after day when there’s nothing you can say

Now I feel like a wandering child, lost away

And you know, it’s just the things 

We shouldn’t say