CrossFire is :

Born on November 9th 1989, Allison Mareek is a French singer-songwriter born and raised in Paris, France. In 2005, she left to spend four years in Israël, soaking in the different culture and growing her hunger for music. After coming back to Paris in 2009 she started working on a solo career with her own compositions as well as famous "Sound Of Silence" cover for french movie "L'Emprise". She then focused on more "folk" sounds, creating CrossFire with Etienne who went from being her guitarist to the essential better-half of the duo. ----------------------------------------------------- Etienne Prieuret was born on May 3rd 1987 in Normandy and raised in the South of France. At the age of 11, he fell in love with the sound of a guitar playing to one of his father's records, and decided there and then he would become a musician. After touring with different artists all around Europe and the U.S.A (Black Cat Bones, Mani, Larry Crockett, Keith B. Brown, etc.) his path crossed Allison's during a late night jam session where, after listening to her songs, he agreed to becoming her guitarist. Later on that year, they decided to merge their songwriting talents in a band of their own.


At last, after several years of touring around France and Europe, the CrossFire duo (Allison Mareek and Etienne Prieuret) has decided to export itself to the other side of the Atlantic..

The duo’s meeting was a happy turn of fate, staged at a well known jam session in Paris, France. Planning a showcase after her collaboration with France’s first TV channel TF1, (singing the ending songSound of Silence” to their movie “L’Emprise”, more than 850,000 views on YouTube), Allison was looking for a special guitar player to join her for that debut concert.

Etienne, who has been a professional touring and studio guitar player since the age of 16, had only recently finished a European tour as first guitarist for American bluesman Keith B. Brown (“The Soul Of A Man” Wim Wenders / Martin Scorsese). That night Etienne not only showed his skills, but expressed that he was up to the challenge, bringing his unique sound and feel to Allison’s songs on that special concert of hers.

Inspired by their synergy of talents during that first concert, they decided to take things one step further and create a duo together: CrossFire.

With Allison writing the lyrics, Etienne composing the music and both members singing and performing on the record, this first EP contains a harmonious blend of all their talents. Made of four original tracks, and mixed by Michael Harrison, (sound engineer of instrumental fusion band Snarky Puppy) and Arnaud Bascuñana from Ten Day Records Studio, the CrossFire EP, released March 16th 2016, was sure to inspire.

CrossFire have begun their course in Toronto, Canada and then traveled to New York City where they spent some three months promoting their music accross the state before coming back home to Paris to release their first EP in March 2016.
Sails set for adventure, they are ready to introduce their music into this new environment and catch all the inspiration they are able to receive during this leg of their careers.